Tossed my graduation cap. Entered the world. 
Took a gig as a video editor at Massey. Did well.
Took another gig refining my amateur graphic design skills at GBS Design. Did real well.
A year flew by.

Studied film for a short stint in Ottawa. Packed up.
Set up shop in Toronto. Dove into Image Arts at Ryerson. Pretty good grades.
Put up work in galleries. People saw it.
Worked with some cool people. I loved it.

Hit the road to tour with bands. Glamorous highway life was had.
Could write a book about it. Maybe I will.
Landed back in Toronto. Holed up in a gnarly basement apartment.
Picked up an internship at a marketing agency. No pay.
They gave me a bus pass. Perks.
Started chucking my 9-5 in at the Apple store.
Two years went by.
Needed a shake-up.
Quit both jobs.

Flew to Japan with two bucks in hand.
Put my 8/10 mug in front of the camera for cash.
(Google: “Mitsubishi cowboy and Glico pretzel commercials.”)
Eventually ended up back behind the camera.
Worked for Nike. Very cool.

Flew back to Toronto. Earned more airmiles.
Took out my pen. Put it to paper for design work at the Harbourfront Centre.
Shape-shifted again. Became Assistant Manager of Press & Industry for TIFF.
Camera never left my sweaty palms.
Wound up taking photos in two different nightclubs every weekend.
The entire summer.
Camera took a bellini bath. We both survived.

Flew to the Dominican. Shot video for Live Different.
WestJet called.
Videographer and photographer position wide open. In Calgary.
Not a bad idea. More airmiles.

Flew across North America with the new 9-5.
Freelanced in the margins.
Said goodbye to WestJet.
Went rogue.

Working with you?
That could be next.